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Here are the rankings, as per http://csrankings.org/ [16/10/2016]:

RankInstitutionAverage CountFaculty
1Carnegie Mellon University24.2143
2Massachusetts Institute of Technology18.479
3Stanford University16.763
4University of California - Berkeley14.461
5University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign13.064
6University of California - San Diego10.157
7University of Washington9.162
8University of Michigan9.072
9Columbia University8.253
10Georgia Institute of Technology7.791
11Cornell University7.555
12ETH Zurich6.532
13University of Massachusetts - Amherst6.350
15University of Maryland - College Park5.850
16University of Texas - Austin5.744
17University of California - Los Angeles5.237
17University of Southern California5.251
19University of Toronto4.852
19Northeastern University4.859
19University of Wisconsin - Madison4.836
22Technion - Israel Institute of Technology4.751
23University of California - Santa Barbara4.433
24Princeton University4.230
24Tel Aviv University4.246
26Max Planck Institute4.126
27University of Edinburgh3.969
27Harvard University3.931
29New York University3.750
29Purdue University3.742
29Pennsylvania State University3.733
32University of British Columbia3.542
32Rutgers University3.537
32University of Oxford3.558
35University of Pennsylvania3.436
35Hebrew University of Jerusalem3.439
37Ohio State University3.239
37University of Minnesota3.239
37University College London3.272
37Brown University3.231
41University of California - Riverside3.137
42University of California - Irvine3.040
43Texas A&M University2.939
43University of Waterloo2.954
43University of Utah2.939
43Simon Fraser University2.931
47Stony Brook University2.840
48McGill University2.727
49Imperial College London2.655
50Duke University2.522
50Northwestern University2.537
50Rice University2.519
53University of California - Davis2.429
54Indiana University2.344
55University of North Carolina2.232
55Ecole Normale Superieure2.233
55North Carolina State University2.240
55Johns Hopkins University2.226
59University of Colorado Boulder2.136
59University of Cambridge2.140
61University of Chicago2.032
61University of Rochester2.020
61University of Illinois - Chicago2.025
61TU Darmstadt2.022
61Arizona State University2.030
66Oregon State University1.935
67University of Texas - Dallas1.839
67Yale University1.820
67RWTH Aachen1.820
70Dartmouth College1.719
70Virginia Tech1.736
70Michigan State University1.722
70TU Munich1.729
70University of California - Santa Cruz1.719
76University of Alberta1.632
76University of Pittsburgh1.618
76TU Dresden1.616
76George Mason University1.630
76University of Virginia1.621
82University of Florida1.526
82Aarhus University1.524
82University of Arizona1.520
82University of Warsaw1.534
86University of Bristol1.424
86University of Montreal1.428
86Washington University - St. Louis1.418
86Boston University1.417
86University of Calgary1.431
86University of Bath1.421
86VU Amsterdam1.428
86University of Tennessee1.418
86Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute1.420
95University of Delaware1.319
95Brigham Young University1.322
95University of Buffalo1.335
95University of Queensland1.318
95University of Adelaide1.321
95Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon1.339
95Tufts University1.315
103University of Central Florida1.220
103University of Notre Dame1.220
103Australian National University1.252
103Georgetown University1.211
103University of Zurich1.212
103University of Melbourne1.233
103Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan1.222
103Emory University1.212
103Drexel University1.214
103Monash University1.225
113University of Auckland1.123
113University of Nebraska1.117
113Brandeis University1.18
113Vanderbilt University1.116
113University of New Mexico1.118
113California Institute of Technology1.114
113University of Georgia1.19
113University of Connecticut1.111
113University of Athens1.113
113University of Nevada1.111
113Worcester Polytechnic Institute1.125
113Florida State University1.118
113University of Waikato1.15
113University of Iowa1.110
127University of Salerno1.017
127College of William and Mary1.012
127University of Western Australia1.06
127University of Sydney1.024
127Colorado State University1.019
127Washington State University1.017
127George Washington University1.010
127University of Kentucky1.013
127Massey University1.07
127University of Tartu1.08
127Rochester Institute of Technology1.021
127University of Luxembourg1.011
140Boston College0.93
140University of Canterbury0.94
140University of Oregon0.915
140Auburn University0.95
140Clemson University0.916
140Polytechnic University of Catalonia0.926
140Concordia University0.915
140University of South Florida0.910
140Naval Postgraduate School0.94
149University of Otago0.86
149University of Massachusetts - Lowell0.812
149Kansas State University0.810
149Victoria University of Wellington0.819
149New Mexico State University0.89
149University of Kent0.812
149University of Miami0.84
157University of Kansas0.714
source : http://csrankings.org/